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What Do Energy Efficient Doors Do That Other Doors Don't?

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Doors, by their very mechanical nature, open and close, letting heated air or cooled air escape and be replaced by whatever temperature of air is outside. You might wonder what energy efficient doors do that other doors do not. Clearly, energy efficient doors open and close and let an exchange of indoor/outdoor air to occur. That is the same as any other door, to be sure, except that energy efficient doors do a lot more than just open and close. Read More»

How To Ready Your Home Exterior And Yard For Spring

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Winter weather can be harsh and cause damage to and leave debris behind on and around your home and yard. Once the worst of winter has passed and the snow and ice melt, take some time to inspect and repair your home’s exterior and yard to prepare if for the upcoming season. Here are some tips to help you accomplish this. Clean Out Roof Drainage Safely access your roof to clean off any debris that have accumulated on the roof an din the gutters from winter weather. Read More»