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Own Several Dogs? Remodel Your Bathroom To Accommodate Them

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If you own a house and several dogs, you may know that you like being a dog owner and homeowner enough that you want to keep owning them for many years or forever. This makes it worth considering your dogs when it comes to remodeling your home because you may be able to make improvements that can benefit you as a dog owner as well as your dogs. An excellent example is taking on several bathroom remodeling projects that can prove to be quite helpful.

Oversized Sink

When you own a small dog or even several of them, you may find that bringing them into a shower or bathtub might be too much when you want to give them a bath. All you may need is a larger sink so that you can fit them into the bowl comfortably. Since most bathroom sinks are at a level where you can stand and use it easily, you can look forward to this change since it will allow you to give your small dogs a bath without having to kneel down or bend over at all.

Walk-In Shower

Owning a large dog or two means that you will not be able to use the bathroom sink exclusively for giving all your dogs a bath. This makes it worth making changes to the shower by adding a walk-in shower that allows you to guide your dog into the shower area. You may find this to be a better option than carrying them into a bath and shower combo and hoping they stay there.

Another perk that comes with a walk-in shower is that you can make sure the whole installation is large enough to get inside and close the door. This will make it a lot faster and easier to give your dog a bath because you can maneuver around the entire shower as needed. Being able to stay in the shower area means that you can get to all the hard-to-reach areas with your dog.

Built-In Storage

With these improvements, you may intend on doing all your dog washing in the bathroom. This makes it worth investing in built-in storage where you can put everything that you need to give your dogs a bath including shampoo, flea treatment, brushes, and towels. You can work with remodeling professionals to figure out the ideal place to implement built-in storage solutions.

Bathroom remodeling is worth considering when you own several dogs and want to make it easier and more enjoyable to give them baths. 

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