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What Types Of Work Zone Equipment Do Contractors Need To Use To Create A Safer Work Environment?

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Before contractors begin handling a project, they must first gather their work zone equipment and set it up in the right spots. The equipment keeps workers safer while they are trying to complete assorted tasks. It also makes drivers more aware of road conditions that they will come across when driving down a stretch of the road or highway.

Work Zone Signs

The work zone signs are often placed directly around the area in which construction workers are completing assigned tasks. These signs are bright and large enough for drivers to see while they are passing by. It lets them know that they should proceed with extra caution due to the work that is getting done. Drivers need to remain careful of the workers that are on the road to avoid hitting them and causing injuries to them. While traditional work zone signs are placed around the contractors while they are working, some signs are placed a few miles ahead of the worksite to let drivers know that there is some road work going on down the road.

Slow Down Signs

While it depends on the work that is going on, slow down signs may be posted on the side of the road with equipment that lets drivers know how fast they are going. It may be necessary for drivers to reduce their speed for the safety of those that are currently completing road work. If a driver is speeding, there is a greater chance that the driver will lose control of the vehicle and potentially crash into workers, which is why these signs can certainly be put to good use.

Portable Traffic Light

In work zone areas where it is important to get drivers to reduce their speeds and possibly even come to a complete stop, contractors may need to place portable traffic lights between intersections where there are currently no stoplights or stop signs. It allows workers to redirect traffic, and it prevents drivers from getting into accidents with one another due to the road work that is taking place. Contractors may use portable traffic lights during certain hours like school hours to provide more protection to students that will encounter the work zone while on their way to school.

Orange Traffic Cones, Drums, and Barriers

You have likely spotted thousands of traffic cones in your lifetime. Contractors will often use traffic cones, traffic drums, and even traffic barriers to block off certain areas and intersections. If drivers cannot use a specific lane because of the work that is going on, the contractor will typically place cones in that lane to block it off. If road work is occurring on a specific block, the contractors would need to keep drivers from driving down that block while they are working on completing certain tasks. The best way to keep cars from coming down the block is to place a traffic barrier in the way. It is much heavier than the traditional traffic cones and drums while taking up more space to block off the intersection. The work zone barriers are often heavy because they are full of water.

Contractors will use assorted work zone equipment when they need to complete road work. The equipment is designed to enhance safety for everyone, including the workers, drivers, and pedestrians. Some of the different types of work zone equipment you will often see contractors using includes work zone signs, slow down signs, portable traffic lights, and traffic cones, drums, and barriers. If it were not for this equipment, drivers may be confused and could potentially get into accidents with one another or with the contractors that are simply trying to do their jobs.