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4 Tips To Prepare Your Home For A New Roof Without Problems Or Damage

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When your home needs a roof replacement, you want to be prepared for the project. Making sure vehicles have been moved and that landscaping is protected will help prevent damage. Other things that need to be done include lawn maintenance and ordering the dumpster to haul off old materials. The following tips will help you get your home ready for roof replacement:

1. Removing Outdoor Furniture and Landscaping Maintenance to Prepare for Roof Replacement

Outdoor furniture is going to be in the way during the roof replacement and needs to be moved to ensure it is safe. In addition, make sure that any landscaping maintenance like trimming trees and cutting the lawn will need to be done before you have the roof replaced.

2. Inspecting Damage and Deciding on Improvements to Do During Your Roof Replacement

There is also damage that you may have on your existing roof, which can be due to poor installation, the roof design, or outdated materials. Consider improvements like updating the underlayments and changes to the roof elevations to reduce problems with excessive wear where rain runoff causes problems with leaks.

3. Making Sure That Vehicles Have Been Moved and There Is A Clear Path to The Roof

Roofing materials being torn off your roof can cause damage to vehicles that are parked too close. Therefore, you want to make sure that vehicles have been moved out of the way before work can be done. In addition, you will want to cover plants and other objects in your landscaping with drop cloths or tarps to prevent damage while the roof replacement work is being done. Before work is started, make sure there is a clear path around your home so that the contractor can get to the roof to do the work.

4. Renting A Dumpster If Needed and Covering Plants and Objects In Landscaping To Protect Them

Most roof replacement projects require the old roofing materials to be torn off before a new roof can be installed. This means that you are going to need a dumpster to have the waste hauled away. Protect the area where the dumpster is going to be dropped to prevent damage. In addition, make sure you cover any exposed materials in your landscaping.

These are some tips that will help you prepare your home for roof replacement without problems during the process. If you are ready to replace the shingles on your home, contact a residential roof replacement contractor that offers home roof replacement services for help with your roof.