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Custom Home Design: What Should Go Into Your Green Home

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You want to have a home that is more environmentally sound and you're lucky enough to be building a custom home. You can make this process more easy by investing in green building methods and techniques straight out of the gates.

There are many things that go into a home that is environmentally stable. First of all, a home should be made out of materials that are green in nature or able to be recycled. Secondly, the home itself has to be made in an environmentally-friendly way so energy costs are less due to less energy usage. This may seem like a tall order, but the reality is, you can make a custom home that fits all your needs and desires in a green house without having to totally change your home renovation plans.

Here are ways you can design your dream home and feel great about your impact on the earth at the same time. Speak to your healthy home builder to learn all the ways you can make your house more environmentally sound.

Insulated concrete

Perhaps the best way to make your home more green in its design is to start making the home more energy efficient from the get-go. This can be done by installing insulated concrete in the home's main foundation and basement. This concrete is easier to work with than traditional concrete, requires fewer steps to install, and allows you to keep hot or cool air temperatures where you want them any time of year.

You can use insulated concrete throughout your home's design and construction or just in the base level, depending on your budget. Use shredded newspaper or other recycled materials to work as filler insulation elsewhere in your home as well.

Energy-efficient windows

As you build your dream home, pay attention to one of the most energy-sucking parts of the house — the windows. Your contractor will help you choose energy-efficient windows that will be not only attractive in your custom home, but able to block out the harmful sun's UV rays that damage your skin, furniture, carpet, and other flooring surfaces. You can get your windows tinted for added attraction and privacy or leave them as-is.

Renewable materials

Consider metal roofing for your home. Since metal is a renewable material, you can install this fixture on your home and feel great about it. You can also select aluminum and other renewable materials for your home for added value and greater peace of mind.