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Signs Your Sewer Pump Needs Repair

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One of the more difficult things as a homeowner is to know when certain items need repair. For example, you have several plumbing-related things, like your sewer pump, that are out of your normal line of sight. This means if there is a repair that is necessary, you may not know about it right away. For that reason, you need to know the non-visual signs that your sewer pump repairs are necessary. Here are a few of those signs and what to know about each one.

Strange Odor

One of the first signs that you need sewer pump repair is a noticeable odor. If you begin to notice a strong odor that smells like waste or rotten food, then you may have a pump issue. The odor will be worse the closer you get to your sewer lines. You may also notice it more in the bathroom of your home or in the kitchen sink area. If the odor does not go away after a few hours or even a day, and if it in fact gets worse, you need to contact your contractor for repairs. The pump may be clogged or working at a slower rate than it should be.

Loud Noises

You should not hear your sewer pump system. If you start to notice a grinding noise when water and fluids are introduced into the system, there may be an issue. In fact, if you hear noises that sound like grinding or rattling, the pump may be clogged or breaking down. When you first start hearing these noises, try to note when and where the noises are happening. This will help to locate the issue if your sewer system contractor and repair technician do not use a CCTV or other camera inspection service.

Cycling Times

When you have a sewer system pump, you will notice there are cycling times. These times are evident when the system is in use and processing the water and other fluids through the system. These have an airy sort of sound, similar to the sound that occurs when you flush your toilet. The noise should only last a few seconds to a few minutes. If it lasts longer than that, then you may have a drainage blockage that is causing further issues with your pumping and cycling system.

These are just a few of the non-visual signs that you need sewer pump repairs. If you think repairs are necessary, contact a sewer service like Forrest Sewer Pump Service. They can schedule a consultation to perform an inspection and determine what the issue may be. They can then tell you how you can proceed and what repair work needs to be done.