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3 Problems To Lookout For When Remodeling The Kitchen In Your Vintage Home

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Your beautiful old house is everything you could ever ask for in all of the other rooms, filled with all kinds of antique charm. However, that old outdated kitchen you have is far from serving you well because it is so severely outdated. It is not at all uncommon for people who live in an old house to decide to make a major update to the kitchen, and this is a good way to boost the value of your older home. However, remodeling a kitchen in an old house is no easy undertaking. The process of installing something new in a house that was built a long time ago can bring about many unforeseen woes. 

Lack of Electrical Structure 

Old houses did not rely on electricity as much as a modern one would, which is why many are built with so few electrical outlets. When you are remodeling the kitchen in your old house, do not be surprised if there simply is not a sufficient amount of electrical support to power all these new upgrades you desire. For example, You may find that there is not a sufficient power supply for that extra oven or those new recessed lights, so upgrades have to be made to the electric panel. 

Unsquare Floor Plan

Imagine this: you have your new countertop picked out, cut, and ready to be installed, but when you go to install it, nothing lines up the way it should against the wall. Why would this happen? There is a good possibility that the room you are remodeling is off-square or not level. This is common in older houses, partially because age changes a house's structure and partially because getting things perfectly squared and level was not important during the build. Unfortunately, this can make everything about remodeling the kitchen more complicated, from getting new cabinetry to fit to installing a new floor covering. 


Yes, that stuff that you hear so much about causing mesothelioma could be hanging out in your old kitchen. There were many fire-retardant products that were made with asbestos, and where is a fire most likely to occur? The kitchen. Therefore, you could have asbestos hanging out in your kitchen that will have to be properly removed. 

Overall, upgrading the kitchen in your older house can be a great thing, but it can also be a problematic adventure. Make sure you work with a good residential contractor for your kitchen remodeling plan so all problems are handled with care.