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How To Ready Your Home Exterior And Yard For Spring

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Winter weather can be harsh and cause damage to and leave debris behind on and around your home and yard. Once the worst of winter has passed and the snow and ice melt, take some time to inspect and repair your home's exterior and yard to prepare if for the upcoming season. Here are some tips to help you accomplish this.

Clean Out Roof Drainage

Safely access your roof to clean off any debris that have accumulated on the roof an din the gutters from winter weather. This can include leaves, twigs, and trash that have blown and settled within valleys and around the eaves of your home roof.

If you leave these types of debris on your roof, they will trap and hold moisture onto your roof's surface, which can lead to moisture seeping down through the roof's layers and lead to interior moisture leaks. This can also permanently damage your shingles and roof under-layers to require a roof replacement sooner than expected. Gutters filled with debris will not allow adequate roof runoff and can cause moisture problems in your basement.

If you are not equipped or able to safely get upon your roof to complete this work, you can hire a professional roof and gutter company that specializes in maintenance and making repairs. Then, any damage they discover can be professionally repaired to prevent further damage to your home.

Inspect for Damage

If you have discovered any roof damage from the winter weather, you should also check the interior of your roof and attic to make sure no moisture leaks have occurred. By finding and remedying leaks as soon as possible you can prevent serious water damage inside your home from upcoming spring rains.

Access your attic crawlspace to look for any patches of dark moisture stains or mold and mildew growth. Use a high-powered flashlight to help illuminate the cracks and crevices between the rafters of the attic, looking for any patches of moisture. You should also look for any damage from the interior of your home on finished drywall. Water damage will appear as yellowing and discoloration to the wall and peeling of the paint from the drywall.

Maintain Roof Drainage

It is also important to check your home's exterior for roof drainage and runoff via the downspouts and gutters. Make sure the gutters do not leak or drip water to the soil below, as this can cause interior basement moisture problems. Check to make sure the downspouts drain water several feet away from your home to also reduce moisture basement problems. When the soil around your home becomes saturated from excess moisture, it can lead to interior basement and foundation leaks.