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What To Expect During The Cleaning And Restoration Process After A Flood In Your Home

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Whether your home has experienced water damage due to a broken pipe or being in a flash flood zone, it is important to promptly clean up and restore your home to prevent lasting damage. While it is technically possible for a homeowner to clean up after a flood, it is in your best interest to hire a water damage restoration company. If your home has flooded, you can expect the following from the cleanup and restoration process:


The first step in cleaning up water damage is an inspection to assess the damage. A thorough inspection that determines the class and category of damage will help ensure that the proper measures are used moving forward to ensure that a home is cleaned up properly. The best case scenario after water damage in a home is to discover that an area of a room has been exposed to a minimal amount of moisture. Worst case scenario, water can damage materials like hardwood, stone, and concrete, meaning that the home needs specialty drying equipment.

Removing Water

When there is water in your home, using towels and a mop to clean up just doesn't cut it. A water damage restoration company will use special pumps and vacuums to quickly remove water from your house. The type of equipment used will be determined by the amount of water in your home and how much damage was done. It is extremely important to have water removed from your home as quickly as possible in order to prevent the growth of mold and bacteria.

Drying Out

As soon as all of the water is removed from a flooded area in your home, it is time for it to dry out. While opening windows and using fans can help, your best bet is to work with a water damage restoration company that can bring dehumidifiers into your home to everything quickly while also removing moisture from the air. The faster the flooded area of your home can dry, the lower your risk of mold and mildew.


After your home has dried out, everything will need to be sanitized to ensure that it is safe to be around. A water damage restoration company can use tools to apply an antimicrobial treatment to carpeting, upholstery, curtains, the walls, and even the air in your home. 


The restoration process can begin after your home is dry and clean. It is best to hire a licensed contractor to make repairs to any drywall or installation that was ruined by the flood waters. The restoration process for minor water damage can be completed quickly, while restoration of a major flood in your home could take weeks or even months. 

Contact a water damage cleanup service for more information and assistance.