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How To Make A Safe Environment By Dewatering Your Construction Site With Water Pumps

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A construction company's main objective is to carry out a project and complete it within a specific timeframe. It starts with laying the foundation. However, if groundwater accumulates on your construction site, then you must remove it before building. Read on to find out how to make a safe environment by dewatering your construction site with water pumps.

What Is Dewatering?

Construction dewatering is the process of removing surface or groundwater from a construction site. It is done using a water pump and should be done before excavations. The water pump siphons the water out of the area and must be disposed of in a safe manner. If not, you will have problems placing the foundation of a building.

Check The Condition Of Your Equipment

If you are getting ready to dewater a construction site, you want to make sure your equipment is in good condition. Common problems with centrifugal water pumps include low speed, plugged impeller, direction problems, lack of prime and loss of prime. It is important to look for signs of pump trouble. When it comes to pumps repairing, it can cost you money and cause your project to shut down. It helps to do regular maintenance and inspections to prevent a water pump repair.

Why You Should Dewater?

It is important to keep your construction site safe. Groundwater causes a hazard. It can cause your employees to fall and cause your equipment to malfunction.  A washed-out construction site can make you get off schedule on your project. You also want to prevent employees from suing your company because of injury.

Contractors must pay attention when using water pumps for dewatering. You need to know where the water is discharging to prevent erosion to your construction site and other problems. Many construction companies pump the water in storm sewer inlets, wetlands and lakes. It also helps to make sure that the water is free of chemicals, grease and oil before discharging it. You can use a separator for water that contains oil.

You can choose from a variety of pumps to complete this project. It really depends on the size of the job. For example, a sump pump works when you have a small amount of water. On the other hand, you may want to call in a professional. A professional crew can remove the water and dispose of it in a safe manner. They can also provide pumps repairing services. When building, you have to make sure your equipment is working effectively to maintain the reputation of your company.