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Tips For Refinishing Your Deck In High Humidity

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The addition of a deck can significantly increase your home's outdoor living space. Decks constructed of wood need regular maintenance in order to ensure that they are both structurally sound and aesthetically pleasing. Refinishing your deck regularly can be a great way to keep this outdoor area in good condition, but if you live in a humid climate, then the refinishing process can be a bit tricky.

Here are three tips that you can use to help ensure your deck refinishing project goes smoothly, regardless of the outdoor humidity levels.

1. Check the weather forecast.

While most people take the time to check the weather forecast to ensure there is no rain scheduled for the day they will begin refinishing a deck, knowing the weather conditions is vital when it comes to refinishing a deck in a humid climate.

The new stain that you apply to your deck in order to restore its luster can take longer to dry when humidity levels are high. Any additional moisture introduced to the wood while the drying process takes place could cause your new stain to fade out or be marred by water spots. Check to ensure that you will have several rain-free days ahead of you before beginning to refinish your deck.

2. Use a fan to keep your wood dry.

As you sand down the lumber used to construct your deck in order to remove any traces of the old stain, you open up the grain of the wood and moisture particles from the humid air can seep in. When the grain is saturated with water, the stain cannot penetrate the surface of your deck's lumber.

Be sure that you have several industrial fans available to help you keep your deck's lumber dry as you sand away old stain and apply a new coat of stain during the refinishing process.

3. Work in thin layers.

The application of a polyurethane protective coating once you have added a new stain to your deck can be beneficial in protecting your deck's lumber from damage. Getting a thick coat of polyurethane to dry in humid conditions can be nearly impossible, so it's better to work in thin layers.

You may have to apply several coats to achieve maximum protection, but working in thin layers allows the polyurethane to dry completely between applications.

Refinishing your home's deck in a regular basis is critical when it comes to maintaining its beauty and function. Be sure that you are checking weather conditions, using industrial fans, and working in thin layers if you need to refinish your deck in high humidity. Contact a company like Reeves Exterior Services for more tips.