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3 Unique Locations Where Iron Gates Are A Great Safety Feature

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Iron gates are perfect for offering protection because of how strong and durable they are. You can also customize your iron gate so that it is the height that you'd like, the bars are as close together and as thick as you want, and the entry system for opening the actual gate is as secure as you want it to be. While you generally think of an iron gate being placed in front of your home to secure your fencing, there are also other locations where iron gates can be installed and still offer security. This article will discuss 3 unique locations where iron gates are a great safety feature. 


Since the doors to your home are the main sources of transport into and out of your home, it is very important that they are well protected. While locks and bolts on your regular door are great for protection, adding an iron gate to your front and back door can make it even more safe. The iron gate will not only add a second door to this area of your home, but it will also be made of a strong iron that will be incredibly difficult to break through. You can choose to add a bolt lock and a regular lock to your iron gate as well, offering twice the security. This will help you feel confident that no one is going to be able to break into your home because getting through your iron gate is much too difficult. 


Another important location for added protection is in all of the windows on your home. This will stop people from breaking the glass of your windows and entering your home. Because even if they are able to break your window by throwing a rock or something through the iron gate, they aren't going to be able to get through the gate. With windows, there is no need to allow the gates to open, so you can simply have the windows bolted in place over your window frame. You can still make these iron gates look decorative and elegant as well, so that your home doesn't look like a prison. 


If you have small children, it can be a very good idea to protect them from getting too close to the fireplace. A great way to do this is going to be to put up a gate. An iron gate is a great type of gate for this because the iron bars can easily be made shorter to match the height that you need it to be, and the iron can be welded to curve around the fireplace like you need it to. The iron will also be strong enough to withstand your children, no matter how many times they try to push on it.  

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