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Learn How A Contractor Can Repair A Sagging Automatic Gate

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An automatic gate that is anchored in the soil will often start to sag over time if the brace posts that it is attached to are not properly anchored into the ground. As the gate opens and closes, the brace posts pull out of the ground and start to lean toward the gate. A sagging gate can hit cars as they go in and out of the gate and cause a lot of damage that will need to be repaired. If your automatic gate has started to sag, learn the steps a contractor will need to take to install a new gate properly that will not sag in the future.

Dig Holes for the Brace Posts

The contractor will need to use a post hole digger to dig holes into the ground for the posts. The posts will need to go roughly a foot or two into a hole in the ground that is a few inches wider in diameter than the posts to ensure that there is ample space to anchor the posts.

Anchor the Posts in the Ground

Next, the contractor will mix some ready-mix concrete together in a wheelbarrow and pour it into each hole until it is three-quarters of the way full. This ensures that no one can see the concrete when the contractor is done, but still gives the gate the support it needs to ensure it will not sag in the years to come. The concrete will need to set overnight to ensure that it can become as hard as it can be. If it rains, the concrete may take a few days to fully harden.

Backfill the Holes

The contractor will then need to backfill the holes with the dirt that he or she removed from the holes to add the posts. The dirt will create a mound around the posts at first, but it will settle over time and be even with the ground surrounding it.

Secure the Automatic Gate

Once the post is secure, the contractor will attach the automatic gate to the post. He or she will make sure that the arm is secured at the perfect height so that it can lift out of the way of cars driving past the gate, but low enough so that no cars can get past it when it is lowered.

Once the gate is attached, the contractor will test it a few times to make sure that it works properly. After the gate posts are installed properly, you should have no more issues with the gate sagging in the future. Check out for more information on maintaining your automatic gate.