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Mid-Winter Commercial Roofing Maintenance Checklist

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Winter can be one of the most difficult times for your commercial roofing. Between winter's ice, snow, rain and last year's autumn leaves, your commercial roof could be struggling to keep up. Cleaning off your roof and ensuring proper drainage is important. At this time of year, it's a good idea to check your roof and perform these maintenance tasks as necessary.

Clean Off the Debris

Go up to your roof and look for piles of debris that could have accumulated at the end of the fall or in the beginning months of winter. Check the drains, waterways and the edges of your commercial roof. Look for leaves, acorns and other random objects that may have blown onto your building in recent months. These small of unwanted organic material can block your drain covers, preventing your roof from shedding rainwater and melting snow.

Use a rake or a shovel to clear off surface of your roof, or pick the items up by hand. Put the organic debris in a plastic garbage bag or a garbage can; don't throw anything over the side of your roof.

Clear the Drains

Look for standing puddles of water around your roof's drains. In addition, look for water stains that indicate standing water has been on your roof recently. Standing water tells you that your roof drains are clogged. If you see evidence of a clog, remove the drain covers and insert a plumber's auger into the drain. When the tip of the auger reaches the clog, push through the clog. The auger will break up the clog, allowing all the debris and water inside the pipe to run its course through the drain. Extract the auger once you've broken up the clog.

Once the clog has been cleared from the pipe, spray a strong jet of water into the drain to flush out any remaining debris. If the drain still seems slow, repeat the process. When you're finished, put the drain cover back on the drain.

Do a Visual Check

Take a stroll around the roof. Look for areas where the roofing material has turned soft and begun to rot. Check the roof caulking at the seams and edges of the roof. Look for cracks or areas of missing caulking. If you find anything that concerns you, contact a commercial roofing contractor. He or she can inspect your roof, give you a quote and make repairs as necessary. Click here for more info on commercial roofing.