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Top 5 Ways To Give Your Home An Elegant Look

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Do you love the look of old, classy homes? With a simple makeover, your home can have an elegant look without having to buy a new home or breaking the bank on remodeling. Here are five tips on how to make your home look sophisticated: 

1. Install wide crown molding and baseboards

The combination of crown molding and baseboards gives any boring room a polished, elegant look. Choose wide moldings and baseboards with more edges and corners to draw the eye to intricate details. The crown moldings go between the ceiling and wall while the baseboards separate the edge of the floor and wall. Crown moldings are made of many types of material but for the budget conscious, choose plastic moldings that can be painted.

2. Organize as much as you can

Nothing makes a home look less sophisticated than clutter. Here are tips that help you stay organized so your things stay out of sight:

  • Install deep drawers in your bathroom in the closet or under your vanity to hide laundry baskets.
  • Use a roll-away pantry to get appliances and food off your kitchen counters.
  • Hide your electronic cords in trim or moldings.
  • Install window seats to make use of the empty space under windows, gain storage space, and give guests extra seating. 

3. Replace your patio doors with french doors

Sliding glass patio doors are simple and clean, but there's not a lot that make them stand out. French doors are just what your home needs to stand out. French doors transform your patio into a space that entertains your guests while having a chic feel. French doors also look great on balconies, or even inside your home. Why not use a set of french doors to separate your kitchen and dining room space? You can also use them to separate your master bed from the bath. Contact a local outlet, such as Fas Windows and Doors, for further assistance.

4. Choose replacement windows wisely

Replacement windows are a great way to update the look of your home and even get an energy savings incentive. The key to replacing your windows is knowing what style works for you and your home. Picture windows are energy efficient and give any room plenty of natural sunlight. They also look great with any style of home and furniture. Bay windows also look stylish and are energy efficient. However, bay windows are more expensive since they are reinforced and use cable systems.

5. Rip up your carpet

Carpet feels nice on your feet, especially on cold mornings, but it has many disadvantages. Carpet holds smells, stains easily, and is a pain to vacuum. Replace your carpet with hard flooring. Hard flooring won't smell, stain, and is easy to clean with a broom. Wood floors look the best, but are the most expensive option. Vinyl comes in many styles, materials, and color to work with any budget.

These are five ways to transform any home from drab to chic and elegant.