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Rotary Screw Air Compressors: Here's What You Need To Know

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Rotary screw compressors are commonly used in a number of industrial settings. They provide machinery with a continual flow of compressed air. They are extremely quiet and efficient. However, they are also equipped with some of the most amazing technology in the industry today. Thankfully, they don't consume a lot of energy, which helps to cut down on overall utility bills. They were built to last for quite some time, while running them around the clock.

What are the different types of compressors on the market?

There are a number of different screw compressors available today. They are broken down by cooling methods, stages and drive type. Oil-injected compressors are the ones most often used. These oil compressors actually force the oil throughout the chambers to help it function properly. They can be used in a number of different applications where having too much oil could end up contaminating the production process.

How does the compression process work?

These compressors are powered by the two screws inside of the chamber that rotate in opposite directions. The air from outside travels into the filter to catch all of the excess debris and airborne particles that could end up damaging the system. Once the air has been filtered properly, it travels through the inlet valve. The rotors move the air along and into the compression chamber. The further the air moves through the system, the smaller the air chamber gets. This helps boost pressure in the system. Since the whole process is a continuous movement, there is only a minimal amount of surging that takes place in the pistons. The end result is a steady stream of air coming out at a rapid speed.

What do you need to know about oil-injected compressors?

When using an oil-injected compressor, the oil in the system actually has a few different purposes: cooling, cleaning, lubricating, sealing and protecting. The end result is a compressed oil and air mixture.  Centrifugal force can be used to remove the oil from the mixture. The rapid spinning forces the oil to the bottom of the tank while the air goes up top. The elements separate and leave the inner tank.

To better understand more about these ingenious compressors, you can discuss your concerns with a dealer, such as Kruge-Air Inc. They will be able to go over everything with you and make sure you get the perfect compressor to best accommodate your needs.