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Protecting Your Septic System With Routine Maintenance And Knowing What's Safe For The System

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Most people don't think twice about their septic system until there is a problem. Understanding that there are products and materials that are not safe to flush into your septic system, and knowing that your system must be maintained, will help protect your system from serious repairs. Left neglected, your septic system can fail completely, and you will have to replace your entire system. To avoid costly repairs to your septic system, follow a maintenance routine and avoid filling your system with materials that will hurt the integrity of the system.

Get Your System Inspected Once a Year

To avoid a complete septic system failure, have your system inspected once a year by a professional. The costs associated are minimal when compared to the replacement costs of a new system. Although your system might only need pumping every other year, an inspection will ensure that your septic system gets pumped out if it is deemed necessary.

Know What Hurts Your System

If you have a septic system, you shouldn't be using a garbage disposal. Using a garbage disposal can increase the amount of solids in your septic system by up to 50%, making your system less effective at handling the waste water coming out of your home. All food scraps, including coffee grinds, peels, grease and oil should be thrown in the trash whenever possible. Scum can build up quickly in your septic system, and this is caused from food scraps fermenting in your system.

Do Not Use Your Septic System as a Trash for Fluids

Some people believe that they can flush anything down their toilet, and this won't cause any harm to the water supply. Caustic chemicals should never be flushed down the toilet, and these include:

  • paint, or paint thinners.
  • stains or varnishes.
  • used motor oil.
  • solutions used in photography.

You should never flush chemicals down into your septic system because they destroy the balance of good bacteria in your septic system. Good bacteria is needed to keep your system breaking down solids and running smoothly.

Be Mindful of Water Usage

When you have a septic system, too much water usage at a time can cause flooding in your leach field. This means that your system will get overloaded with waste water coming out of your home, and you may experience problems with your system. Pay attention to water usage to avoid flooding out your septic system. Contact a local septic company, like Rhode Island Septic Service, if you need more help.