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Three Ways to Dress Up an Asphalt Driveway

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An asphalt driveway doesn't have to be boring. With the addition of a few decorative techniques it can rival, if not surpass, the beauty of brick or stone. The following are three decorative techniques you can use to make your driveway look amazing. 

Punch Up the Color

When most people think of asphalt they think of expanses of dark grey or black. While these are the standard options, they aren't the only options. Dying techniques are available that can change your asphalt to a rainbow of hues. 

For example, opt for a terracotta color to create the look of clay bricks. Or, mix shades to create a border of lighter gray around the main black asphalt center portion of the drive. Asphalt dyes are available in shades of red-orange through the gray hues, ranging from light to dark. The dyes are added directly to the asphalt mix, so they won't fade. This also means they are relatively permanent -- the only way to change the color is to replace or resurface the driveway.

Stamp It Up

Combining the stamping process with added color adds even more punch to your driveway. The stamps are pressed into the wet asphalt to create a pattern. For example, a brick pattern combined with red asphalt can be especially striking, or you can use an irregular stone pattern with a slate color for a more elegant look. You can even combine color and stamps in different ways to create a design that is unique to your home. Talk to a contractor to discover the variety of stamp designs available.

Add a Coat

Specially formulated asphalt paints are another option. These provide an unlimited range of colors since they are applied over the top of the asphalt. They aren't as durable as dyes and the will fade or chip over time. Paint is usually best reserved for decorative accents along the side of the driveway, where constant traffic won't speed wear and tear. Annual seal coating of the asphalt can also help prolong the life of painted accents.

The best part about decorative asphalt techniques is that you don't necessarily need a new driveway. Painting requires no change to the existing drive, providing the quickest path to a new look. Your paving contractor can simply resurface the drive with a thin layer of new asphalt to add dye or stamps, or even just heat and soften the existing asphalt if only stamps are desired. 

If you have questions about what you can do to your asphalt driveway, consider looking into the websites of local specialists, such as, to learn more.