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Two Ways You Can Make Recycling a Priority on Your Construction Site

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If you're an environmentally aware general contractor, finding ways to recycle on the construction site is likely a top priority for you.  Many of the materials that you use each day can be reused, and this is good for the natural habitat as well as your wallet.  However, making recycling the goal on construction sites can sometimes be difficult since your team may be more concerned with simply getting their job done. Use these tips to learn more about recycling techniques you can use on the job site that can help you save money and the environment.

Deconstruct over Demolition

One of the first methods you can use to recycle on the job site is to deconstruct buildings rather than resort to demolition.  When you deconstruct a structure, you carefully remove each shingle, brick, wood plank, and window so that the individual pieces remain intact.  You can then resell these pieces to people in need of used construction materials or keep them to be used for later jobs.

Deconstructing differs tremendously from the demolition process, which typically involves a wrecking ball smashing a structure to bits.  The shattered pieces are then carted off to a local landfill, where they lay as they wait for natural processes to either cause them to deteriorate and decompose or where they are burned.

Engaging in the deconstructing process could be a key way for you to gain more clientele, since some groups may be impressed with the fact that your contracting services aim to be as environmentally friendly as possible.

Make Recycling Bins Readily Available

Another technique you can use to increase the amount of recycling that takes place on your job site is to make recycling bins readily available.  When people are working, they need convenience if they're going to be actively involved in the recycling process.  Making sure that recycling bins are in very noticeable locations can go a long way toward helping your team remember to recycle.

In addition to making bins available, post signs that specifically state which items are recyclable.  Your workers may think that only their soda cans or other food-related goods can be recycled, but they could be mistaken.  Drywall, wood, and lumber are all recyclable products that are found in abundance on many construction sites.

Making recycling a priority while doing construction doesn't have to be difficult if you know what to do.  Keep these tips in mind so you can maximize your recycling while doing construction work. Contact a representative from a company like C F Maier Composites for further information about recycling.