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Why Wood Windows Are Still Popular

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In the past, wood was the material of choice when it came to the construction of window frames. However, over time wood has been largely replaced in residential construction by composite materials like vinyl, aluminum, and fiberglass. While it is not longer the most popular choice, it is still a great option for homeowners who want the natural style and durability of wood. This article will explain the drawbacks and advantages of wood.

The Drawbacks of Wood

On paper, wood windows do not seem to be composed of the most practical material for residential homes. They need a little bit of maintenance over the years to maintain wood. Wood needs to be restained to make it waterproof. This is especially important to do on the outer side of the frame that is more exposed to the rain and sun. Wood is susceptible to swelling when it gets wet (or even if there are changes in the air's moisture content), making them problematic on sliding windows. If a sliding window frame gets too swollen or warped, it will be very difficult to open and close.

All of these problems with wood only arise when it is not properly cared for and restained every few years. This process is time-consuming and messy. If you are not ready to take on this extra maintenance, you should not invest in wood. However, if you take the time to keep your wood sealed and waterproof, you can enjoy a very durable and efficient window product.

The Advantages of Wood

Wood is a great material for the simple reasoning that it matches more things on the inside and outside of most homes. You can match your wood frames with the doors, eaves, fences, and awnings on the exterior of your home. On the inside, your wood windows can match with the baseboard, furniture, floors and other design elements. Wood is also great for homeowners who like to frequently change the style and color scheme of their home. You can repaint your wood frame (as part of the required maintenance) to a more modern color every few years. Many people also love the fact that they can paint the interior and exterior side of the frame different colors. This gives you a lot more design freedom when it comes to choosing your frame colors.

Obviously, wood is a great material for windows if you are willing to keep it up.