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Make Hosting A Breeze By Remodeling Your Kitchen And Patio

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Remodeling projects are generally about adding space and making better use of the space. This is especially true for living spaces, such as the kitchen and dining area. You can make hosting socials a lot more entertaining by remodeling this area, along with your patio or deck.

Accordion Doors or Windows

Have your builder, such as Red Rock Construction, tear out the wall that connects the kitchen and dining area to your patio. Install exterior glass accordion doors in that space instead. You can choose how many panels you will use for how large of a space you want open. Some companies offer custom sizes for each panel, allowing you to create exactly the size of opening that you want. That way the indoor and outdoor areas will be combined into a much larger entertaining space.

Some people have their kitchen sink and cabinets up against the outdoor wall, thus making it impractical to remodel the kitchen in such a way to accommodate accordion doors. In this case you can simply add accordion windows over the space. Make sure your general contractor adds a counter along the outside of the window so that you have double the counter space. Add bar stools along the outside counter, and you have a great space for guests or kids to sit and eat.

Adding Easy Dining Areas

Adding the counter with the accordion windows created more space for guests to sit, but you might want even more. Don't worry about trying to add patio furniture. Instead, remodel your deck to include a bar rail along the perimeter. Make the bar high enough that you won't need to add chairs along it.

Add Some Shade

The next step in your renovation is to add an awning to cover part of the deck. You don't want your party to be ruined by wind, light rain or too much sun. If money is not a concern, consider installing a retractable awning. With the push of a button, you can decide how much shade you want on any given day.

Don't Forget Kitchen Upgrades

Many parties revolve around sporting events. Add the electrical wiring necessary to install a flat screen television in your kitchen. That way the game can be on while you are in the kitchen, as well as in your entertainment room. 

Warming drawers are another necessity for a kitchen-remodeling project. You don't have to worry about the spinach artichoke dip going bad during the Super Bowl because you are keeping it in the warming drawer of your kitchen.