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3 Things You Hope Never To Find In Your Plumbing System

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As a business owner, you have a lot of responsibilities. One of those is making sure your customers have working facilities so they can go to the restroom and wash their hands. The last thing you want is to deal with a plumbing problem because one of your customers put something down the toilet they weren't supposed to. Here are three of the worst items to find in your plumbing system.


Cigarettes should never be thrown down the toilet. While it might seem like a small enough item that it wouldn't matter, it's the toxins in the cigarette that can contaminate the groundwater. Also, the filters don't break down in water and may cause clogs. The best thing you can do is to provide customers with ashtrays at their tables, inside of the restroom and outside of the front door. By putting ashtrays in the most frequently visited places, you can cut down on the chance that a customer is going to throw their cigarette down the toilet.


Even though gum might taste good, it should never be thrown down the toilet. It gets into the pipes and clogs everything up. Before you know it, you have a large clog forming inside of your system and waste can't go down like it should. Just like ashtrays, place garbage cans everywhere you can around the establishment. Put garbage cans in the stalls and inside of the bathroom to make sure customers have plenty of places to throw their gum.

Feminine Products

Regardless of whether the package says that you can throw the item down the toilet or not, it belongs in the garbage can. Give your customers a garbage can inside each one of the stalls and post signs telling them not to flush the product down the toilet. By putting a sign on the back of the door, the customer will see it when they sit to use the restroom. Maybe some don't realize they aren't supposed to flush the product. Making them aware of the problem can help stop it in its tracks.

As much as you try to make sure your customers have the facilities they need, there are those who simply aren't going to pay attention to the rules and will do what they want to do. The best thing you can do is have someone come in every year and do an inspection of your plumbing system to make sure it stays in top shape at all times. For more tips, contact a company like Cool Air Mechanical, Inc.