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Debunking 2 Myths About Automotive Detailing

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Maintaining the appearance of your car is likely an important goal for you, and to this end, auto detailing services can dramatically improve the appearance of your car. However, these services are often misunderstood by car owners, which can result in them believing a couple of common myths. After exposing the truths behind these two misconceptions, you will be better informed when it comes to deciding on having this service done to your car. 

Myth: Car Detailing Only Involves Cleaning The Vehicle

There is a common idea that detailing is nothing more than a form of cleaning. While it is true that thoroughly cleaning the car is an important part of the detailing process, there are other steps that your technician will take to improve your car's appearance. For example, your detailing technician will perform a thorough visual inspection of the vehicle's paint, and if they notice any chips or cracks, they will patch it before moisture starts corroding the car's body. 

If your car has leather on the interior, it is important to protect it from the damaging rays of the sun. To minimize the risk of the leather bleaching and cracking, a protective sealant will be applied to any leather in the car. These are just a couple of examples of additional ways that detailing can help your car, and you will need to speak with your technician to determine exactly what services they offer in their detailing package. 

Myth: Having Your Car Detailed Is Inconvenient

Sadly, there are many people that will forego the benefits of having their car detailed because they are under the impression that this will be an extremely inconvenient task. Luckily, having your car detailed is not like having it repaired, and you can usually expect this process to be completely relatively quickly. Depending on the condition of your car, a thorough detailing should rarely take more than a few hours to complete.

For those that have a hectic work or family schedule, there are some services that will come to your home or office to detail your car. By opting for these services, you can enjoy the benefits of a professionally detailed car without having to go through the inconveniences of having to wait on your car at the detail shop. 

Getting your vehicle detailed can be an affordable way of dramatically improving the appearance of your car. Yet, if you believe either or both of these two misconceptions, you may forgo having this work done, but knowing that detailing is more than cleaning and that some detailing services will come to you should help you when deciding whether to have this routine work done to your car. If you're interested in detailing, visit