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4 Reasons Tackling a Garage Door Issue on Your Own Could Be a Bad Idea

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You use your garage door daily and there is no question that it is a valuable component of your home. You may think that you are familiar enough with its composition and function that tackling necessary repairs on your home would be easy. Even though you probably do have a good understanding of your garage door, handling a repair job without professional help may not always be the best idea. It is way too easy to start with what you think is a manageable problem and end up with something far worse. Here are four reasons why your DIY garage door repair could go horribly wrong.

  1. Some Repairs Are Dangerous: From tightly wound springs to torsion cables designed to support the heavy weight of a garage door, you better believe that the average garage door repair does pose a few threats to your safety. It is easy for someone who is inexperienced to get hurt by a broken spring or a suddenly slammed door and your DIY ideas could easily land you in the emergency room.
  2. It's Easy to Damage the Garage Door Opener: The garage door opener is basically a pulley system that uses a chain or belt drive to open and close the door. If you accidentally damage the belt or chain drive during a repair, this is not an easy fix. In some cases, the garage door opener will have to be completely replaced.
  3. Parts Removed May Not Easily Go Back: This is especially a problem with older doors that have been in place for a lot of years. It may seem like everything should line back up perfectly after removing parts for a repair, but in a situation where the frame of the door may have settled, this may not be an easy feat.
  4. You Could Spend More Than Necessary: Between accidental damages and investing in specific tools you need for the repair, such as a torsion spring puller, you could easily spend a lot more on attempting a garage door repair on your own. Keep in mind that most garage door services offer free estimates and already have the necessary tools for repairs, plus access to top-quality parts.

Before you round up your tools and grab a ladder for a garage door repair, make sure you take some time to at least consider talking to a professional garage door service like American Eagle Garage Door Services about the problem. Most will even offer their professional advice and opinions for free. Therefore, it will not cost you anything to be a little cautious and obtain valuable guidance you can rely on.