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4 Tips To Keep Your Heater Running Efficiently This Winter

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The cold winter temperatures mean that your home's heater will be working hard to keep the interior of your home feeling comfortable. The last thing you want is to encounter a heater emergency, which can leave you and your family feeling cold and result in an expensive repair bill. The key to keeping your heater in good working condition, and preventing your heating bill from being through the roof, is preventative maintenance. Use the following tips to keep your heater running efficiently during the coldest months of the year: 

Get a Pre-Season Maintenance Check

One of the best ways to ensure that your heater runs well during frigid temperatures is to have it professionally tuned up by an HVAC company in the fall before the weather gets cold. A professional HVAC technician will perform the maintenance needed to allow the heating unit to run well, and will also be able to recognize any problems that need repair before the cold weather sets in and the heater is running constantly.

Change Your Air Filters

A dirty air filter makes it very difficult for your heating unit to distribute warm air through out your house efficiently. Check your air filter every few months; if it is caked with dirt and debris it is time to change it. If you live in a dusty climate, have pets, or smoke inside your home, you may need to change your air filters more often.

Weather-Proof Your House

The more a heater runs, the more likely it is to wear down or break. You can limit the amount of time that your heater runs by making your home as weather-proof as possible. A lot of cold air enters a home through small cracks around windows and exterior doorways. You can prevent this cold air leakage by using weather stripping around any area with access to the outdoors. Also consider installing thick curtains that will create a buffer zone that keeps cold air out.

Get a Thermostat That Can Be Programmed

You can reduce the stress on your heating unit by making sure that it does not continually run while no one is home. Programmable thermostats are affordable and easy to install—and they improve heating efficiency by allowing you to set different temperatures for different times. This eliminates the wear and tear on your heating unit by only having it heat the house when necessary. A programmable thermostat is also a great way to help control your heating bill in the winter. 

Talk with a heating maintenance company, like Action Air of Florida, to see what other things can increase your heater's efficiency.