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Four Tips To Help You Prepare For The Heat This Spring With Maintenance To Your AC And Your Home

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Even though it is cold now, spring will soon be here. This is a great time to start preparing your home for the summer heat with maintenance to the AC and improvements to your home. You may want to do things like have the AC serviced, change filters and ensure that all your windows have protection from the sun on them. If you want to keep your home cool this summer and reduce your energy costs, here are four things that you can do this spring to prepare for the summer heat:

1. Checking And Changing The Filters On Your AC

One of the best things you can do for a central HVAC system is change the air filter regularly. If there are some months during the spring when you are not using your heating or cooling, this is a great time to change the filter and do other small maintenance like cleaning the ductwork. It is important that you use a normal air filter that does not restrict airflow. If you have allergy problems, changing the filter more often can help to reduce the allergens that get into your home from your air conditioning system.

2. Removing Covers And Repairing Damaged Pipe Insulation

Some people cover their outdoor AC unit during the winter months. This can help to protect your AC from leaves in the fall and winter freezes. In the spring, you will want to remove this cover. When you do this, you may also want to inspect the foam insulation that covers the lines outside. If you see any damage to these, replace the insulation to reduce energy loss. You can use cable ties to insure that the insulation is fastened well to the pipes.

3. Servicing Your AC Before The Warm Months

Over time, the compressor and coolant in your AC unit can become worn and not work as it once did. Spring is the best time to have an HVAC technician like Kook & Son Inc come and service your AC. They will check the compressor, level of coolant and other parts on your AC to ensure that they are working when you need them. They can also add coolant to the system to ensure that is has the gas needed to provide your home with air conditioning.

4. Preparing Windows And Doors For When You Need Your AC

You will also want to prepare your windows and doors for the summer months. If you have winterized your windows with plastic or Plexiglas materials, it is time to remove these. You may also want to consider using a sun screen or tinted window films on windows that get direct sunlight, which will help to reduce the amount of heat that gets in your home when it is hot outside.

These are some things that you can do to prepare for the summer heat and keep your home cool. If you need help with maintenance and repairs to your AC before it gets too hot, contact an HVAC contractor to get help with preparing your air conditioning for the summer heat.