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Tricks To Unclog Your Toilet

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If you have a small child, it is inevitable that at some point in their childhood you will have a clogged toilet occur. This may be from overuse of toilet paper or from an accidental obstruction from a foreign object being flushed down. If this situation happens to you, there is no need to panic. Clogged toilets are usually able to be handled easily with the use of a few tricks.

Find The Source Of The Obstruction

Take a look in the toilet and see if you can determine what it is that is causing the contents to remain in the bowl. If the clog is mainly toilet paper, you may be able to remove much of it using gloved hands. Bring a plastic bag into the bathroom for disposal. If there are other objects causing the obstruction or if the toilet paper is clogged where you cannot see it, you will need to try other measures.

Turn Off The Water

Before you start some of the methods to unclog the toilet, you will want to turn off the main water supply. This will help keep the toilet from overflowing. Reach behind the toilet and turn the valve to the left to stop the water from refilling the tank.

Try Hot Water

You can try to pour a large bowlful of hot water into the toilet bowl to move the contents down. Hold the bowl from a level near your waist when pouring. The force of the water, along with the warmer temperature, may help to get things moving.

Use Traditional Methods

You can try to use a plunger to dislodge the contents from the exit way. Moisten the rubber tip and place over the hole. Push up and down quickly a few times and then break the seal to see if the water starts to drain. Try this a few times as it may take a bit to get the obstruction to move from the force of the air.

If plunging does not work, try using a plumber's snake to move the obstruction out of the way. This tool consists of a metal piece that will snake its way through the bends in the toilet. You will unwind the snake a bit to see if it bumps into anything, and then wind it back up and attempt to flush the toilet, watching to see if the contents will go down.

It is not recommended to use commercial products in your toilet, as they can damage the porcelain or the piping system below. If you have difficulty in getting your toilet to flush after the above methods, you may want to call a professional plumber to come help.