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Understanding Two Methods Of Frameless Shower Door Installation

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When remodeling or updating your bathroom, choosing to install a frameless shower door can provide add value to your home while lending a modern feel to the space. If you want to take advantage of the aesthetic benefits a frameless shower door can provide, it is important to understand the two primary installation methods used to place these types of shower enclosures in your home.

This knowledge will help you understand the cost variations associated with each method, and allow you to choose the installation process best suited to give you the finished look you desire.

1. "U" Method Of Frameless Shower Door Installation

Each glass manufacturer uses their own terms to describe the fabrication and installation process. This can make it difficult for you to compare estimates. While some fabricators consider doors installed using the "U" method to be semi-frameless, others have no problem calling this installation process frameless.

There are a few ways you can tell if the estimate you receive features "U" installation:

  • First, look at the cost. If the estimate seems much more affordable than the others you have received, it likely includes "U" installation. The aluminum material used to create the U-shaped brackets that will hold your shower door's glass are cheaper than the clamps used in a truly frameless system. Cheaper materials means a more affordable installation.
  • Second, check to see if an experienced technician is required to complete the installation. When relying on the "U" method for installing a frameless shower door, the need for precision glass cutting is reduced. An entry level technician has the ability to fabricate the glass for this system, so if no additional expense for an experienced technician is included in your estimate, you are likely being quoted a price for a shower door that will be installed using the "U" method.

If you are looking for ways to cut costs when it comes to your bathroom remodel, opting for a shower enclosure installed using the "U" method can help you save money without compromising style.

2. Glass Clamp Method Of Frameless Shower Door Installation

If you want to avoid any type of metal around the exterior of your frameless shower, then opting to partner with a fabricator that specializes in the glass clamp method if installation is best.

You need to ask yourself a few important questions when it comes to choosing the design of your frameless shower enclosure:

  • First, decide on the type of finish you desire. You generally want your glass clamps to match the finishes you will be installing throughout the bathroom. If you have brass, silver, or copper faucets, be sure that you select glass clamps made from the same material to maintain a cohesive look throughout the space.  
  • Second, determine how much hardware you want to be visible. If you don't mind having visible hardware incorporated into your frameless shower enclosure design, then you can include as many glass clamps as you desire. If your goal is to reduce the amount of visible hardware through the installation of a frameless shower, then you will need to work with your fabricator to ensure that a design requiring the minimum number of clamps is created.

A frameless shower enclosure is both durable and stylish. Being well-versed in the differences between the "U" method and the glass clamp method of installation will help ensure you end up with a finished frameless shower enclosure you can be proud of. Contact professionals, such as those from Glass Impressions, for any further information.