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Designing Your Perfect Home Office Space

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When you're tired of working with your laptop on the kitchen table, it's time to convert one of your spare bedrooms into your ideal home office. Take the time to plan exactly how you want it to be so you're not disappointed and end up back on the kitchen table. A little help from an electrician and a construction contractor and you'll have a work space to be envious of.

Power It Up

One of the biggest complaints in any office space is the lack of electrical outlets. Depending on the size and shape of your room, plan on outlets every few feet on the walls. If you have a very large room and you'll still need extension cords to go from your equipment to the wall, work with an electrician to have outlets placed strategically in the floor. These special outlets have a hinged cover that protects the outlet from having items dropped into them when they aren't in use.

Light It Up

A large full-spectrum CFL light fixture in the ceiling gives you the overall light you need for working. Put this light on a dimmer switch for those days when you want to take a break and read. Hanging halogen task lights over filing cabinets, printers, faxes and other equipment give you extra light to read the displays and look for files.

Floor lights with halogen bulbs pointed toward the ceiling create a soft glow when your eyes tire of the bright lights at night. These are also good lights to have near comfortable chairs for reading or meeting with clients.

Design It for Comfort and Productivity

A ceiling fan in your room will help to evenly distribute the warm and cool air from your home HVAC system, so you'll be comfortable everywhere in the room. If your room is drafty, consider a small baseboard heater. It's out of the way and produces an even heat that fills the room.

If your work requires a lot of sitting, spend as much as you can on a good desk chair. It should be adjustable in multiple directions and have good lumbar support. Back pain is an unfortunate side-effect of desk work, so add lumbar support to any chair you use to make sure your back is well supported.

Have a contractor build shelves in one of your closets for books, manuals and supplies. You'll save a lot of time not digging through a box or desk drawers for another note pad or pen when your supplies are easily available on the shelves.

Create one spot in the room in which to relax. A comfortable chair or love seat and some soft lighting from a hanging lamp or floor lamp gives you a place to get away from work with some music or a book. Establish a rule that you won't do work in this space so you'll always see it as a place to go to relax.

When you have an office space in your home that is comfortable and convenient to work in, you'll feel more like "going to work." Take the time to plan it out exactly as you wish and you'll never go back to the kitchen table again. To get the electrical components in place, talk to an electrician, like those at Mr. Sunshine Electric.